Culture Hub

: Theater + Concert Hall + Art Museum Kagoshima is in southwestern tip of the island of Japan, which historically became the milestone of the modern art movement in the southern part of Japan where a number of paramount painters and artists were produced. To inherit cultural ethos of Kagoshima city, this project aims to incorporate a cultural hub with a 1000-seat theater, a 700-seat shoebox concert hall, and the first ever contemporary art museum in the city.

New City Symbol

Tower buildings, such as telecommunication, residential, office, and observation, have taken a major role as symbols of the cities since it is easier to discern through cityscapes. This project aims to design the symbol of the city as a capital of citizens’ cultural activities.

The site is along the city axis between the Sakurajima active stratovolcano peninsula to the Kagoshima central station. Since the existing riverfront creates a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood, and the buildings would be placed at the end of the district, this project is an impetus to make Kagoshima city more walkable.

Museums in Kagoshima City

Kagoshima city comprises 32 individual museums. 6 museums cover modern art but no place for contemporary art. The buildings will hold the first-ever contemporary art gallery in Kagoshima city. There are 13 museums covering historical relics and remains including 5 world heritage sites. Kagoshima University owns 1 general museum in the campus. Other museums are 5 in the national history category, 5 in the science and technology category, and 2 housing living species.

Project Info

Location: Kagoshima, Japan
Type: Design Study (Theater and Concert Hall)
Year: 2016
Design Principal: Kenji Hada
- Annual Exhibition of the Japan Institute of Architecture Kagoshima 2016
- 2nd Place, Kagoshima University, 2016