Imaginative Toy, Inspirational Toy.

A toy is for play. Play induces ideas. There are always toys by children, and their sensibility-rich plays are a treasure trove of imagination. In this project, the concept model, the composition of the lava stones, will impersonate the toy and give impetus to inspiration for the architectural design. As the building is a primary school, this approach would manage to assemble a variety of the space for students and teachers. Block Planning: The concept model also works for studying the block planning of the building. (initial development) Stones are placed along the existing buildings at the beginning. After due consideration, the block planning became more conglomerated. Being sustained by the concrete pillars on the ground floor, the upper floor’s concrete slab is formed as an artificial ground. The new-laid concrete ground will break off the structural system so that the arrangement of wooden pillars of the upper floor will not be restricted by the structural arrangement on the ground level. In consideration of a disaster caused by an unexpected trespasser, classrooms are placed on the upper floor with a shared cafeteria and green rooftop. The rooftop allows students to overlook the forest behind and the ocean in front. Ground level is divided into 4 parts, administration center, media wing, arts and science wing, and gymarium. Administration center will preside over the whole building and an athletic ground from the middle of the building. There is also an amphitheater. Being divided the ground floor into three by inserting tunnels and staircases, this building is strategically resilient in case of fire. When a fire occurs in one block, other blocks can close down to prevent the spread of the disaster.

Project Info

Location: Kagoshima, Japan
Type: Design Study (Elementary School)
Year: 2015
Design Principal: Kenji Hada